Practice Sessions

  • June 29, 2017
  • Eve Kanda
  • Club News
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If your usual preparation involves a jog around the park and a game of ‘three-and-in’, help is at hand with the Evestar Football Academy, who have devised the type of programme. We will adopt a number of drills to be performed in our training sessions.

The drill Have the players form a circle, with one player in the middle. The player in the middle has to break up the play, while the players stationed on the perimeter have to keep possession. The player who concedes possession swaps places with the player in the middle. To progress the drill, add more players in the middle and impose conditions, such as one or two-touch passing.

What this works on For the players on the outside, this works on touch, awareness, communication, and passing. For defenders, it works on closing down, mobility, agility and intercepting passes. This warm-up will increase the players’ heart rate and prepare them for the fitness phase of the session.


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