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  • July 4, 2017
  • Eve Kanda
  • Club News
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The search for young football players in Kenya is supported by Evestar Football Club, the International Football Academy, which is situated in Kakamega County. Evestar scoutings goal is to promote young football stars around Kenya and introduce them on the European and worldwide football market. Football Players who dream of becoming a professional footballer, the age group of talented footballers is limited to 10 – 18 years old. Evestar scouting organizes football events and football training camps, which are closely observed by international scouts.

Our website is for young players to have a chance to present himself and his club. The creation of a football PROFILE is FREE and contains no obligations established over Evestar scouting. The aim of the PROFILE is to create interest from football clubs all around the world and can be viewed by anyone. Evestar scouting supports and backs all its talents. Also Evestar scouting now currently shows all the news from every football team around the world.


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